Welcome to KarilloN. Home of an old DJ from the 60's

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As well as the ramblings of an old DJ you will find usefull articles on disco topics/memories dating back to the 60's. Check the "Articles" section, or for info about me goto "About". Welcome 2018.

Home The Home Page of Karillon. About Here you will find info about Karillon and it's owner.
ShopThe shop is here to offer items for sale, only when i have them. Keep checking.
Articles This section has some info on the early disco scene, includes pics of gear. Some whodunnit info too. There is also a selection of DIY articles on making your own gear. You can find some schematics here on old gear both transistor and valve (tube) based.
Contact UsHow to get in touch with me. Note that replies may be slow...well i'm a busy man and this site is just for fun, so be patient.


Photography by M.Ginda
Page updated 04th Jan 2018
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