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Here is me behind the decks at a friends wedding, notice the cool lighting and reflective tin foil. This is very early and as you can see, very primitive! On the right, me getting in some practice on the art of mixing using rotary controls on the mixer. (sliders were used on pro studio kit only in those days)

Click to view full size in new window Right> Here's Allan James. This is sometime later in Aquarius Disco history, at a gig in Retford. The gear is a bit better now. Notice the novel deckstand. This folded flat for transport. Blacklight illuminated the front, hence the flourescent stuff.
Glass Logo Plate
< Left and above. The first system we had. Note the turntables robbed from old radiograms. The glass plate was backpainted and lit by a 100w tablelamp! Also note the mixer and mic goosneck.
Right> This is a very early sound to light controller. Unlike the first one I built, this one did not cause crap on the airwaves. It also produced a better lamp on time. I was approached for the design schematics on this unit.
<Left Myself (on the right) and Allan, arriving for a gig in sheffield. This particular venue did not normally allow outside performers. I believe we were the first outside entertainers to work there. Oils in a dish-for lighting effects < Left. Here is the only picture of the oils in a dish used to create a lightshow image. I cannot remember why i photographed this, probably around 1968.
Right> A very early bit of gear, probably an amp. Note carefully the deathwish power connectors on the left. One power-in the other power out. Ouch! This seems to be a trend as the sound-light unit above right has the same connectors for ouput. By the seventies I had some much better gear and a load of lightshow projectors, screens, backdrops, lightboxes (bulbs), sound-light, ropelights, speaker and sound system. Some of the projectors can be seen in the background. I am leaning against the record deck console.
< Left. Yep the lighting was pretty low and dark. On the curtain is the results of a little 100w projector showing an oil wheel. Took this at a gig about 1970/71
Some of the Projector effect wheels I had in the early seventies. This collection just kept getting bigger. I still have a lot of these wheels and they still work well.
Stan Palmer. A good friend who used to run the 'Sensation' disco based in worksop(70's & 80's). He also can be remembered as the DJ at the Honeycomb nightclub, a favourite haunt for many in Worksop Town. A small Selection of wheels obtained in the mid 70's. Note the Liquisplode units and the dual motor accy for use with polarising wheels (long thing on the left of pic).
Above you can see some of the projectors, including an Aldis 2000 modified for 6" wheels. The photo far right is of the basic sound gear used for a resident disco at the Langold British Legion Club. This setup did get somewhat bigger. Well it was a large concert room with a great high arched ceiling. All the sound gear was made by me, as was the front display box. Loads of little bulbs all flashing under control of a built in unit.The record decks were Garrard 86 MKII, the deck consoles had built-in tape units for jingles, and a sound to light controller. You can also see the 10 band graphic eq. Both units were full stereo with built in amps (2x 300w) onthe left are a couple of 2x 500w stereo amps used to power some 2x18" cabs, unfortunatly not shown. This would be taken around 1977. There was much more i could show you, if I had thought to photograph it at the time. Seems my interest was more in having a good time than documenting my progress.
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Couple of Pics of early gear   Testing some gear ready for a small function. 74?
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