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The timeline here is late 70's and I am running a buisness in Worksop, manufacturing custom sound and lighting for disco/clubs etc. I also did repairs and mods too. These pics are from the 'Bassetlaw Show', a local annual event. Most of the 'good' stuff in in the tent to the left and i seem to have lost the pics of this somewhere.
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Like I said, got a few more speakers. Out in the sun for a brush down. I like to keep gear in good condition. The two celestion 2x18" cabs can be seen bottom left. Taken Probably mid 70's. Above..A couple of regulars to my events. Here seen visiting the show.
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Custom built decks made late 70's for a rival. This pic taken just a few weeks ago shows how well they have survived extensive use. Built-in sound to light rhs of mixer. Powered by two 200w amps built-in.   Typical of the amps I produced as 'custom' builds. This one sports 3 channels and 200w main amp with reverb. My signature was the blue vynide cloth and metal protection strips.  
More to be added when I can find the pics!
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